Tansy Stobart | Program Manager, Globe Series

“Kes was a joy to work with and a dream as an MC. Both fastidious and flexible, she made the G7 Oceans Partnership Summit come alive – the audience loved her.”

Michael Shepherd, Ph.D.

“I organized two international conferences, and Kes was invited to speak at the first conference, and invited back by popular demand to speak at the second conference.  She is extremely knowledgeable and kept her audiences highly engaged.”

Nancy Flam | Project Director, Big Data Congress 2017

“Kes is a passionate and engaging speaker”

Danielle Nichols | Research Marketing Manager/Program Coordinator at Memorial University Department of Ocean Sciences

“As one of the Ocean Sciences, Memorial University former graduate students, I consider Kes to be genuinely authentic, enthusiastic and a highly motivated individual, who is able to use her humor and outgoing personality to connect well with her audiences – it was great having her back as an alumnus of the Ocean Sciences Center”